The Future of Muscle Vitality

Eliminate Body Fatigue and Awaken Muscle Vitality with the Mini Fascial Gun!



Gun Massager combats body fatigue and muscle pains through the powerful mini fascial gun for deep muscle treatment, recovery, and pain relief, with different intensity adjustments specific pain for different groups of people.

Product Features:


Relieves Instant Pain

Fascial Gun uses percussive therapy to target deep muscle tissues, providing quick and effective relief from muscle soreness, tension, and fatigue.

Improved Circulation

The massager's rapid pulsations boost blood flow to treated areas, improving oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles and tissues.

Accelerated Muscle Recovery

By reducing muscle tightness and soreness, this fascial massager helps restore muscle functions faster, making it invaluable for post-workout recovery.


It is designed to be user-friendly, and with proper guidance, they can be used safely and effectively by individuals of all fitness levels.

The Mini Fascial Gun Massager is a game-changer for muscle vitality and recovery

With this customizable massager, users can experience specific needs, from intense muscle recovery to gentle relaxation.

“I use this product on my back and shoulders and it is great, take pleasure out of removing your pain relax those hard to reach muscles with this mini fascial gun. I was surprised at how much power the small one produced. You should try this!”

Annie R.


“This little muscle massager is perfect relief for my muscle pains! Since I’m an athlete that trains a lot, I find it very convenient to use this after my training! Faster recovery and enhanced performance for me the next day after my training. Thank you fixifoot!”

Kevin A.


“I usually get neck, upper back, and lower back pain from sitting too much due to my 9-5 desk job.I’m so glad that I found this mini fascial gun! Whenever I felt a strain on my neck and back I just use this for just 2 minutes, and I felt instant relief! This portable massager even has different modes of intensity for my body aches! No more going to massage sessions for me!”


Gabby M.


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