How Fixifoot Insoles Transform Lives:
A Game Changer for Foot and Chronic Pain Relief

How Fixifoot Insoles Transform Lives: A Game Changer for Foot and Chronic Pain Relief

Around 35 to 40% of folks might not even realize that their feet aren't quite aligned as they should be, according to Coastal Podiatry (2021). This misalignment can lead to aches and pains spreading up through the knees, hips, and back. When your feet aren't happy, it can make other parts of your body unhappy too! Doctors sometimes call this type of pain "compensatory pain" or "secondary pain." Essentially, it means that your knees, back, or hips are hurting because your body is trying to compensate for those misaligned feet, like trying to walk straight with shoes that don't fit quite right.


What is Fixifoot Custom Orthotic Insoles?

Fixifoot being the top provider of personalized orthotic insoles in the Philippines steps in to alleviate compensatory aches and pains in your knees, hips, and back caused by misaligned feet. Fixifoot insoles offer cushioned support, aiming to improve or correct the posture of your feet. It's like giving your feet a cozy, customized bed to rest on, which can make a world of difference in how your whole body feels!

Fixifoot's leading-edge insoles are crafted from top-quality material Poron XRD. Fixifoot insoles are built to last, offering durability and exceptional shock absorption. Poron XRD foam is like the superhero of cushioning, designed to shield your feet from impact during activities that involve lots of pounding or long periods of standing.

But it's not just about durability – these insoles are all about comfort too. The soft, contouring materials ensure that when your feet hit the ground, the force is spread out and absorbed, which is perfect for both sports enthusiasts and folks who want comfort in every walk.

 “Before, I’ve had back problems, hip problems, and knee problems. I only started wearing these in just over two weeks and now my pain is gone! My hip, my back, my knees, they’re all good and I’m starting to play better at basketball again. Very good. Recommended!” - JOE 

What are compensatory pains?

Imagine this: Your body is like a perfectly balanced machine, with each part working together smoothly. But when your feet aren't aligned properly, it's like throwing a wrench into the works. This misalignment can lead to a trio of discomforts: back pain, knee pain, and hip pain, all bundled together, known as compensatory pains.

When your feet rotate too much inward while walking, it's called overpronation, and when they rotate too much outward, it's called underpronation. Both of these can put extra stress on your knees, causing a ripple effect all the way up to your hips. Picture it like a chain reaction: the knees bear the brunt of the misalignment, passing the strain up through the thigh bone to your hip joints.

Now, your poor hips have to work overtime to keep everything steady with each step you take. This extra workload doesn't go unnoticed by your lower back muscles – they end up doing some serious heavy lifting to compensate. So, it's no wonder you end up with compensatory pains, as your body tries its best to deal with the imbalance from the ground up.

This is the same when your feet lack proper support and stability. It can also lead to excessive strain on the muscles, ligaments, and joints resulting in back, hip, and knee discomfort. Just like a ripple effect that strain spreads upward, it affects your back, hips, and knees too. So, before you know it, you're dealing with discomfort in all these areas, all because your feet weren't getting the support they needed to keep everything stable and aligned.

Feeling these kinds of pains isn't just about the physical discomfort – it can really throw a wrench into your day-to-day life. At first glance, it might seem like a minor inconvenience, but when those aches stick around day after day, these pains can disrupt your overall lifestyle that may lead to stress and fatigue.

Solutions for these types of pains need not to be far-fetched! Fixifoot’s insoles will help alleviate these pains for you!

How Fixifoot Alleviate Compensatory Pains Knee Pain, Back Pain, and Hip Pain

 “I often suffer from back pain when standing for extended periods of time. When my husband and I tried the [Fixifoot] insoles, I was relieved from my back pain! Avail the insoles, it also improves the well-being of the whole body.” - Jovy 

Fixifoot offers a wide range of benefits by using its custom-made insoles. Through its advanced cushioning, Fixifoot’s custom-made insoles are designed to support and stabilize the feet to help get rid of back pain, hip pain, and knee pain caused by foot pronation and unstabilized feet.

  • Secures stability: Fixifoot insoles are designed to correct imbalances on your stride to stabilize your feet allowing a steadier walk or run. The stability extends up to your body, giving your knees, hips, and back a chance to chill out and relax. Without the tension on the back muscles, you’ll find yourself saying goodbye to those nagging back, knee, and hip pains
  • Corrects food pronation: Fixifoot insoles correct foot pronation by stabilizing foot position resulting in an improved gait and posture. With features like higher arch support or a medial wedge, they’re like a gentle lift for your arches, helping to reduce the amount your foot rolls inward.
  • Cushioning: Fixifoot insoles’ advanced cushioning helps absorb the force of walking and running which minimizes the risks of muscle wear and tears. Lesser stress on the legs equates to a decreased strain on the back.
  • Prevents overflexion of the knees: Fixifoot insoles help support the alignment of the feet which improves the alignment of the knees and hips. When the feet are properly aligned, it reduces the likelihood of compensatory movements in the lower body, such as overflexion of the knees. With Fixifoot insoles you’re not just supporting your feet but you’re also setting yourself up for better overall alignment and movement.

How Fixifoot help support walking

 "I experience difficulty walking independently and always rely on a cane or assistance from others for support. When I tried Fixifoot insoles, I was able to walk on my own without my cane. I can even climb the overpass…. I highly recommend [Fixifoot] insoles for people having difficulty walking.” - Yolanda De los Santos 

In addition to easing compensatory pains, Fixifoot insoles are all about making every step a comfortable one. Fixifoot insoles provide the stability your feet need to walk with ease. It's like having a steady hand to guide you along your journey, ensuring that each step is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  • Corrects Foot Alignment: Fixifoot insoles are made to fit each person’s unique foot form and arch type, providing optimal support to align the feet properly. This not only helps distribute your weight evenly across your feet but also puts the brakes on excessive pronation, leading to a more stable and balanced walking gait.
  • Alleviates Discomfort: Fixifoot insoles are designed to cushion and support the feet, reducing pressure points and discomfort during walking. By providing shock absorption and cushioning, Fixifoot insoles help relieve pressure points and discomfort, minimizing the impact of each step, making every step feel like a walk in the park.
  • Improves Stability: Fixifoot insoles offer stability to the feet and ankles, which improves balance and reduces the risk of ankle rolling or sprains. This enhanced stability allows for more confident and secure walking, especially on uneven terrain or slippery surfaces.

Fixifoot custom made insoles are effective in alleviating compensatory pains on the knees, hip, and back. With their advanced cushioning, Fixifoot is like the little miracle workers for your feet, providing the support and relief you've been longing for. By enhancing foot alignment and movement, Fixifoot insoles offer allowing you to step into a whole new level of stability and comfort.


Stop letting discomfort hold you back. Make the right step with Fixifoot insoles today!








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