By: Fixifoot PH // May 5, 2023

Did you know various health issues can be traced back to the feet? Taking care of our feet can lead to overall health improvement. And if there's one body part the human body constantly uses, yet neglects at the same it has to be our feet. We need to take care of our feet too. Fixifoot custom insoles help us better take care of our feet and deal with a variety of foot issues, giving us optimal foot health.

  Here are the reasons why Fixifoot Insoles are for you  

1. Alleviate Pain and Swelling

If you’re experiencing foot pain and swelling that hinder or are caused by day-to-day activities. It’s a sign to get your own pair of Fixifoot Insoles. Fixifoot’s insoles can alleviate foot pain by correcting your foot form and alleviating pressure on the feet.

Fixifoot insoles can also alleviate pain in the knees and lower back that are caused by incorrect posture. This makes day-to-day activities more tolerable and even pain-free. They also improve blood flow to the lower extremities, leading to reduced swelling.

2. Corrects Foot Deformities

Our insoles correct various foot deformities like bunions, clawed toes, flat feet, high-arched feet, etc. Any of these foot deformities can cause foot pain and swelling when not addressed properly, and in worse case scenarios would require surgery to correct.

With our insoles, you can relieve the pressure on the arch and redistribute the weight and pressure on the feet. Which corrects your foot deformities while relieving pain. The redistributed weight and pressure also allow for better blood flow, preventing diabetic ulcers on the feet.

3. Provides Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Shock absorption prevents painful problems in the feet and bodily joints. Having shock absorption in your footwear is the best preventative measure against injuries. They also alleviate pain in the muscles through their soft cushioning, it doesn’t strain or put pressure on them. Overall they create a more comfortable walking experience.

And especially for athletes they reduce impact on the joints. Perfect for those who participate in high-impact sports like running, tennis, basketball, volleyball, etc. Train with little worries as our insoles helps in preventing injuries through shock absorption and providing a stable support for all the activities in the game and in training.

4. Unique & Patented XRD Technology

XRD has a unique composition that not only makes it durable but also resistant to compressing. This makes your insole not lose its shape or flatten over time, while still being light and flexible. Because of this ability, XRD is also used in different industries aside from our comfortable insoles.

The automobile and aviation industry uses XRD for their vehicles. But don’t mistake it for hard material, it is cushioning, and vibration and shock absorbing. Absorbing up to 90% of the impact when tested. Which is why it’s a top choice as the protective gear on construction sites.

5. Our Insoles are Custom-designed

Each insole is formed to address its wearer’s specific needs. We use a tried and tested 4 step process to design the perfect insole just for you.

Scan: We use a scanning platform that gives us a 3D scan of your foot. Under the watchful eye of our specialists, we are able to identify foot issues and any deformities your feet may have. This advanced technology foot scan is free to avail at any Fixifoot branch

Cast: The scan result is used to guide the casting of your foot to create a negative mold.

Mold: The cast gets filled up to create a positive mold, that will look exactly like your feet.

Wear: Your customized Fixifoot Insole that’s specially designed for your feet size, shape, contours, and conditions.

"The amount of discipline it takes to be involved in the sport is extensive, and in order to be great at it, I have to train with precision and care. This is why I trust Fixifoot's position in customizing my inserts.”

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